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Bottom brackets

The bottom bracket is the two cones and bearings that securely keep your crank arms in the frame. Right now, there are three bottom bracket standards according to the size of the crank arm shaft: 19 mm, 22 mm, and 24 mm. The bottom bracket consists of:

  1. Two bearings
  2. Two cones
  3. Spacer that is installed between the bearings
  4. Spacer rings

Also, the bottom bracket can vary by the diameter of the bearing and the type of mounting:

  1. American bottom bracket (an outdated standard that is now only used in cheap bicycles).
  2. Euro (this standard came to BMX from MTB; barely used now)
  3. Spanish (like MID but here the bearings are smaller and weaker; rarely used, mainly where weight needs to be kept low).

MID (currently prevalent in most frames).

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