FRAME BAG «Double Bidlo» v2

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990 rub ( 990 rub )

Reinforced version of the FRAME BAG Double Bidlo bag. Reinforced with eco leather on the outside and military lines inside.
The coolest bag on the frame from BIDLO BIKES. The name Double (double) came for a reason.
As you can see, the "frame run" has a mount for the entire area of ​​the product in the upper and side parts.
Also, the word “Double” carries the direct meaning of one of the real street tricks - Double peg.
Bicycle Bag is suitable not only for BMX riders. Its mounts repeat 90% of the bending of bicycle frames, so you can use it for road bikes, mountain bikes or just city bikes.
The “frame run” easily accommodates items the size of a graffiti spray can with a calligraphic marker and at the same time there is still 30% of the empty space.Attention only one of the compartments .... The second compartment provides for the placement of documents in it or your phone.


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